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Our expert mortgage advisors at Mortgage Direct are able to offer tailored mortgage solutions to prospective home owners in the Belfast area and beyond.

If you are looking for the perfect mortgage for your circumstances but are unsure where to start; if you have done this all before but are fed up with the hassle; Mortgage Direct are here to make things easier.

We know that searching for a mortgage single handedly is a time-consuming and thankless task. In this day and age, it is nice to get a straight answer from anyone face-to-face, but visiting highstreet lenders only gives you so many options. On the other hand, the world of online mortgages can be a faceless vortex of endless frustration.

At Mortgage Direct, we can compare over 100 lenders across the UK and narrow down your options until we find the best deals to suit your requirements in no time at all. We have made it our job to provide you with clear and unbiased mortgage advice that will give you the confidence to make informed decisions for your future.

For reliable mortgage advice in Belfast, please get in touch via 02838 894255 or contact us online today.

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Mortgage Advice for First Time Buyers, Belfast

If the world of mortgages is daunting, the whole process of buying your first home is character building to a higher degree. Patience and determination will be your allies, but we at Mortgage Direct are here to help you too.

Our mortgage advisors are available to advise you on all stages of the buying process; what you need to do; what you need to do it, and when. It’s all a series of steps for which we can show you the moves.

For example: the deposit. The deposit is a percentage of the property value that you will need saved as capital. For first time buyers in Belfast, lenders have made this as low as 5% in some cases. If you are looking at shared ownership, you may not even have to pay a deposit.

Outside of mortgages, we can advise on the external costs you need to consider. These include property searches and surveys, home insurance, mortgage arrangement and solicitors’ fees, stamp duty and removal costs.

We are here to support you along your journey to that first rung of the property ladder.

Mortgage Advice for Home Movers, Belfast

Home movers are home owners who want to sell their current property in order to afford another. This can be a manor house or an apartment. Either way, if this applies to you, you most likely want to look at standard residential mortgages.

For a standard residential mortgage in Belfast, the boxes you need to tick include:

  • The mortgage valuation to determine how much the property is worth versus how much you are paying for it
  • Stamp Duty tax, determined by the purchase price or location of the property
  • Conveyancing fees for legal work

As a side note, mortgage valuations can cost £175 to £250. Some lenders will pick up the cost for you, so this may be something we can factor into your mortgage search.

Advice on Remortgaging, Belfast

In most cases, remortgaging simply means changing your mortgage lender. It is not as complicated as it seems, though the reasons for remortgaging a property are many:

  • Your current mortgage deal may be ending soon and you may wish to consider a new one
  • Your property could have increased in value, leaving you with a lower loan to value ratio that you can leverage to borrow money for home improvements
  • You may want to make overpayments that your current lender does not allow, or reduce your interest rate to save money on monthly repayments

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk through your current mortgage and start doing some research into a better deal with a qualified broker.

Advice on Self Build Mortgages, Belfast

Self-build mortgages are in place for people who are building their own house, whether by themselves or through hired contractors.

What distinguishes self-build mortgages from other mortgages is how they release the funds in staggered payments. The idea of this is so that you do not run out of money before the project is completed.

One of the great advantages of a self-build mortgage in Belfast is the possibility of not paying Stamp Duty. In Northern Ireland, Stamp Duty is charged on the land, not the construction, and only on land above a set value.

We are happy to guide you through the process of applying for a self-build mortgage and the budgeting that comes with it.

Advice on Buy to Let Mortgages, Belfast

If you are looking to increase your Belfast property portfolio with the aim of renting to prospective tenants, you will need a buy-to-let mortgage.

Buy-to-let mortgages take this commercial intent into account, and as such they are often more expensive than standard mortgages. The deposit on a buy-to-let mortgage in Belfast could be anything between 25% to 40%. Owning a rental property may also put you in a different tax bracket or have further tax implications.

Buy-to-let mortgages have the potential to be interest-only, which is something you can discuss with one of our expert brokers if you think this may appeal to you.

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Who are Mortgage Direct?

Here at Mortgage Direct, we are a market leading mortgage and protection company dedicated to saving you time in your daily lives by making mortgage hunting simple. We serve all of the UK from our base in Craigavon.

The company opened its doors in 2019, but Mortgage Direct has been building up expertise since 2008, when our founder became a qualified expert in mortgage advice.

We are developing a great reputation for our down-to-earth approach, taking time to understand every client’s circumstances before finding their perfect deal. You will be put in touch with one of our customer support managers, who will be available to offer personalised support for as long as you’re with us.

Mortgage Direct is here to give you a leg up over that hurdle of mortgage mayhem, so that your dream home becomes an achievable reality. The other part of our job is to make sure you have the right cover in place to protect this home, your income and your family.

Learn more about us here.

About Belfast

Belfast sits on the banks of the River Lagan on Northern Ireland’s east coast. Its name originates from the Irish Béal Feirste, meaning ‘mouth of the sand-bank ford’. As the capital of Northern Ireland, it is also the country’s largest city, having gained its city status in 1888. The city became the seat of government in Northern Ireland following the partition in 1922.

The Northern Ireland Assembly is housed at Stormont Parliament Buildings, which was purpose built. Belfast’s arterial roads (such as Falls Road or Newtownards Road) function almost as boundaries for different districts of the city. Fourteen districts of the inner city are still divided by ‘peace walls’ erected by the British Army after the August 1969 riots, during the era of ‘the Troubles’.

Belfast was a key location during the Industrial Revolution in Ireland, acting as a major port. Belfast’s shipbuilding industry has been immortalised due to Harland and Wolff shipyard, which built the RMS Titanic and was the largest shipyard of the time. Today, Belfast plays a notable role in the aerospace and missiles industry but still acts as a port with commercial and industrial docks. The twin gantry cranes, Samson and Goliath, stand proud on Queen’s Island as landmark structures of Belfast’s skyline.

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