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Mortgage Direct NI serves prospective home owners in Moira with expert mortgage advice.

Whether this is your first time looking for a mortgage, or you have done it all before, finding the right deal for your circumstances can be exhausting.

Mortgage Direct has made it their business to make your life easier by simplifying the whole process. You no longer have to go from bank to bank on the high street, read through stacks of paperwork and trawl a million websites.

Here at Mortgage Direct, we have access to exclusive deals from over 100 lenders across the UK and the expert knowledge to narrow down your options based on your personal requirements. We can present you with a few select choices that best suit your needs and arm you with the confidence to make informed decisions for your future.

To enquire about reliable mortgage advice in Moira, please get in touch via 02838 894255 or contact us online.

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Mortgage Advice for First Time Buyers in Moira

You are a first time buyer if you are buying your first home in Moira.

After finding the right house and making the decision to purchase, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here at Mortgage Direct, we are on hand to talk you through the stages that will get your foot in the door.

The initial things that you will need to think about include:

  • Your income, out-goings and credit score upon which mortgage lenders will base their loan amount
  • The deposit you will need to put down in order to secure a mortgage – this can be as little as 5% of the total property value for first time buyers in Moira
  • Additional costs related to buying a house, such as home insurance, mortgage arrangement and solicitors’ fees, stamp duty, property searches, surveys and removal costs
  • Shared ownership where you buy a share of the property and someone else buys the rest. You pay the mortgage on your share and pay shared ownership rent on the other. You may not need a deposit in this case. When you can afford to, you can gradually increase your share in the house until you own it all

However well informed you feel going into this process, you may encounter things that leave you needing a little support. Mortgage Direct is happy to be there for you during this exiting time in your life.

Mortgage Advice for Home Movers in Moira

If you own a property in Moira and are selling it to buy another, then you classify as a home mover.

As home movers, you will need a standard residential mortgage, whether you are upgrading or down-sizing.

Things to put on your to-do list include:

  • The mortgage valuation to determine how much the property is worth versus how much you are paying for it – this can cost from £175 to £250 but some lenders will pick up the cost for you
  • The amount of Stamp Duty that will be charged on the land/property that you are purchasing
  • Conveyancing fees for the solicitors or conveyancers who will be tying up the legal work needed to complete transfer of ownership

If you need advice at any stage of the moving process, or just need a hand to take some of the weight off your shoulders, Mortgage Direct are available to help.

Advice on Remortgaging in Moira

Remortgaging may sound daunting and like you’re offering yourself up for a world of debt, but in reality it is quite simple. Remortgaging your house simply means changing your mortgage lender.

There are many reasons to remortgage your property in Moira, and they are not tied to financial difficulty.

It could be that your current mortgage deal is coming to an end and you may wish to take out a new one.

Your property may have increased in value, meaning that a higher loan to value ratio leaves you with some leverage to borrow money for home improvements or big purchases.

Maybe you are in a good position financially and you want to pay off your loan earlier than expected, but your lender does not allow overpayments.

Whatever your interest in remortgaging, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and start doing some research into a better deal with a qualified broker.

Advice on Self Build Mortgages in Moira

Perhaps your perfect home doesn’t exist and you’re fed up of waiting so you’re building it yourself. We don’t blame you! In fact, we’d like to give you a hand by getting you a self-build mortgage to cover your costs.

It doesn’t matter if your project is DIY or you’re working with hired contractors, a self-build mortgage is the one for you.

Self-build mortgages are designed to release capital in staggered payments, helping you to budget and ensuring that you don’t run out of money before the project is complete.

You may need a project proposal, detailing the stages of your project and the expected costs. We would be happy to talk you through this.

As an added advantage to building your own home in Northern Ireland, you may not need to pay stamp duty if your land in Moira is below a certain value.

Buy to Let Mortgages Advice in Moira

The property market is a good one to invest in if you’re looking for stable returns. If you’re buying a house in Moira with the intention of renting it out, you will need a buy-to-let mortgage.

Buy-to-let mortgages are more expensive than others because of this commercial intent. You may need up to 40% of the house value saved for the deposit in some cases. Owning a rental property may also have further tax implications.

But don’t let this put you off! You could get a decent income from rent that will help cover the mortgage sooner than you think.

Discuss your decision to buy-to-let with one of our mortgage brokers and work out if an interest-only buy-to-let mortgage might be for you.

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Mortgage Direct NI – About US

Mortgage Direct NI was established by Michelle Toal in 2019. For Michelle, the company was the product of over ten years of experience as a mortgage and protection specialist, spent building strong relationships with clients, solicitors and estate agents.

We are based in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, but serve the whole of the UK with mortgage and protection advice.

Our goal is to simplify the mortgage hunting process and provide tailored solutions to our wonderful clients, saving them time and stress by offering support.

Our great reputation lies in the down-to-earth approach of our expert brokers, who take the time to understand every client’s circumstances in order to uncover their perfect deal. We will also match you with a customer support manager who can address any concerns you may have as they arise.

The process of buying a house should be exiting, but it often gets bogged down by bureaucracy and frustrating set-backs. Mortgage Direct hopes to help you re-find the joy of your future plans and help you get that one step closer to making them a reality.

Learn more about us here.

About Moira

The village and civil parish of Moira in County Down, Northern Ireland, derives its name from the Irish Maigh Rath, which means ‘plain of the wheels’ or ‘plain of the ringforts’. Moira is known to have existed as a settlement for at least 1,500 years. Evidence of three ringforts still exist in the area, the most exemplary being ‘Rough Fort’, situated on the Old Kilmore Road.

The Battle of Moira was fought in 637 between three tribal kings who desired supremacy in the province of Ulster. Some of Moira’s townlands still bear names relating to the battle, such as Aughnafosker, meaning ‘field of slaughter’.

The family butchers ‘McCartney’s of Moira’ has survived 140 years and won national awards for its produce. The ‘Moira Drive Thru and Internet Café’ served as the filming location for Channel 4’s award-winning comedy program, Facejacker.

Moira is positioned near the borders of Antrim and Armagh, along the M1 motorway and the Belfast–Dublin railway line, making it an effective commuter town. Opened in 1841, Moira station is the oldest building on the NI Railways network.

Driving directions from Moira to our Mortgage Direct offices located at: 50C Meadow Lane, Portadown, Co.Armagh, BT63 5WW

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