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At Mortgage Direct, we serve the Portadown area with dependable mortgage advice that will help you find the best deal for your circumstances.

We understand how frustrating the process of applying for a mortgage can be. There are many hoops to jump through for lenders to be satisfied with your affordability.

Banks on the Portadown high street are limited in the deals they can offer you, and it can be difficult to know what your options are.

As mortgage brokers, Mortgage Direct has access to over 100 lenders across the UK and the different loans they can offer. We are able to compare the whole market and help you choose which deal is right for you.

If you live in Portadown and you need urgent mortgage advice today, please phone 02838 894255 or contact us online.

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First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice, Portadown

There are a number of things that you will need to consider before taking that first step onto the Portadown property ladder.

As a first time buyer who has never owned a property before, you will need capital for a deposit. This varies from lender to lender, but can be as little as 5% of the property value.

We also help customers in Portadown navigate shared ownership. In some circumstances, shared ownership exempts you from having to pay a deposit.

There will be additional costs to cover, such as property searches, surveys, mortgage arrangement fees, solicitor’s fees, stamp duty, home insurance and removal costs. 

We are here to advise you on all aspects of your journey as a first time buyer in Portadown.

Home Mover Mortgages, Portadown

A home mover is someone who wants to sell their current property in order to buy another. If this applies to you and your Portadown property, we are in a unique position to help.

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, you will most likely be looking for a standard residential mortgage. There are many deals available on the market that we can guide you through.

The process of applying for a mortgage of this type will include stamp duty costs, conveyancing fees for the legal work involved, and the mortgage valuation of £175 to £250 that determines if the property you are buying is worth the price. Some lenders will pick up the cost of the mortgage valuation for you.

Remortgages, Portadown

You fit into this category if you want to change mortgage lenders.

Reasons people do this include reducing interest rates, changing types of mortgage, or borrowing more money on top of an existing mortgage.

The best time to remortgage your property in Portadown would be if your current mortgage deal is about to end; if your property has increased in value, lowering your loan to value ratio; if you wish to pay off your mortgage earlier with overpayments but are restricted by your current deal.

There are many deals out there and the first one you opt for may not be the one you want to stay with. Our brokers are on hand to talk through your current deal or help you navigate your options in the Portadown area.

Self Build Mortgages, Portadown

Building your own home? Let us help you with the funding.

Whether a DIY project or an outsourced construction job, you will need a self build mortgage rather than a standard residential mortgage.

With a self build mortgage, the lender will release the loaned capital in stages as the project is built. This avoids all the money being spent before the property is completed.

One of the biggest benefits to a mortgage of this type in Northern Ireland is reduced stamp duty. You only need to pay stamp duty on land beyond a certain value, not the cost of construction nor the property value at completion.

Buy to Let Mortgages, Portadown

More and more people are choosing to buy property as an investment, as another source of income.

To rent out the property you are buying, you will need a buy-to-let mortgage. These can be more expensive than residential mortgages. There may also be tax implications that come with owning a rental property.

In Portadown, you’ll likely have to pay a deposit of between 25%-40%. You will also want to consider whether you require the mortgage to be interest-only.

We can talk you through all of these considerations and start you on your journey of building your property portfolio.

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About Mortgage Direct

Mortgage Direct NI is a mortgage and protection company based out of Craigavon in Northern Ireland. Our journey started back in 2008 and since the company opened its doors in 2019, we now operate all over the UK.

It is our job to make your lives as easy as possible when it comes to navigating the complex world of mortgage deals. We pride ourselves on providing transparency and unbiased opinions to existing and prospective homeowners, helping you get the best deals from the right lenders.

Our expert advisors will give you the advice you need to attain the perfect mortgage for you with minimal fuss. We focus on getting you the keys to your home and ensuring that you have the right cover in place so that you never have to give those keys back.

Meet our team here.

About Portadown

Deriving from the Irish name Port an Dúnáin for ‘landing place of the little fort’, Portadown has its origins in the 17th Century. Situated on the River Bann, around 24 miles southwest of Belfast, this attractive town has a population of roughly 22,000. Its growth was accelerated in the Victorian era with the construction of the railway, during which period Portadown became known as the ‘hub of the North’. The 19th-20th centuries saw Portadown become a major textile producer, specialising in linen.

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